Alphasonics have been producing high quality Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment for over 30 years, with the vast majority of the 3000 systems produced being sold overseas. The Company began looking at the Healthcare sector as a potential market in 2013 and since then have developed a ground breaking technology for the complete removal of proteins from surgical equipment. In 2018 a major breakthrough was achieved with the development of a device that could measure ultrasonic distribution. This development opened the door into what happens within a tank of fluid when high frequency sound is applied. The ability to measure the cleaning action, along with our unique, cold water Medstar technology sets Alphasonics equipment apart from anything else on the market.

Your Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

Our drive since 2013 has been totally focused on delivering a low residual protein count and a high log reduction on re-processed surgical equipment, including robotic instruments and although this has been completely achieved, we still look to further improve our technology to bring the most effective technology to healthcare.

Impact of Your Products/​Services on Healthcare:

At this point in time, Alphasonics Medstar Technology is the only piece of equipment that actually complies with the HTM101 (2016) in terms of protein residual protein removal, with the addition benefit of a high log reduction (between 5.5 and 6.6)

Innovation in Your Business:

The ability to quickly and accurately measure the distribution of sound within a cleaning system sheds a light on what has been somewhat of a mystery. This patented technology allows for further developments still not known about to take place.

Future Direction:

Currently, ultrasonics is considered a pre-clean device, but this technology will deliver a higher log reduction than any thermal disinfection device. It will take time for this fact to be fully understood, but for sure, there are exciting times ahead for Medstar Technology and the ability to render re-processed surgical equipment as clean as they possibly can be, with amazing consistency