Auxilium Medical Services

Auxilium Medical Services Ltd is a well established service provider of decontamination solutions. With a commitment to excellence, we offer comprehensive services for the healthcare sector offering a different approach to decontamination departments that need something extra. Our highly trained team adheres to strict safety standards, ensuring efficient and thorough decontamination in various environments. Auxilium is dedicated to safeguarding environments from contaminants, promoting health and safety. We pride ourselves on delivering reliable, professional, and environmentally conscious solutions to our clients, contributing to a cleaner and safer world.

Your Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

Auxilium Medical Services excels in decontamination services, employing outside the box thinking and flexible customer solutions. Our approach focuses on focused planning, swift execution, and thorough validation practices to meet and excel the standards expected of our industry. Our highly trained staff adheres to stringent protocols, utilizing different technologies for efficient and safe decontamination. Customizable service packages cater to diverse client needs, with an unwavering commitment to health and safety, Auxilium Medical Services delivers reliable, professional decontamination solutions to safeguard environments in various sectors.

Impact of Your Products/​Services on Healthcare:

Auxilium Medical Services Ltd offers a service provision that meets the needs of the client and can be tailored to suit the requirements of any department with unlimited flexibility, solving the issues of limited choice.

Innovation in Your Business:

Auxilium Medical Services Ltd’s approach to service supply is to not limit the choices that a decontamination department require.

Future Direction:

Auxilium Medical Services Ltd believe that the decontamination sector of healthcare is a decreasing pool of expertise. We would like to explore to possibility of apprenticeships and bring in another generation of service personnel.