Cairn Technology

As a specialist supplier to the UK medical sector, Cairn Technology has spent over 20 years helping NHS and private hospitals to maintain healthy environments and deliver medical excellence.
As the UK distributor for Stille surgical instruments, we offer surgical instruments for a wide range of surgical disciplines including cardiac, orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery. Coming with a 30-year warranty, Stille instruments are handcrafted through 70 stages using high quality steel.
In addition, we supply the most super-absorbent theatre floor mat on the market called the T-Mat, chemical spill stations, airfed hoods and air purifiers and well as workplace monitoring services.

Your Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

Our approach is to work closely with our customers and become a long term partner on whom they can rely, not just for supplying products that provide exceptional performance and services that help ensure they remain complaint with current health and safety legislation, but also by ensuring a supportive, responsive and swift response to their needs at all times.

Impact of Your Products/​Services on Healthcare:

Our Stille surgical instruments are warrantied for 30 years of use, meaning that they are far less wasteful to use than reusable instruments with a shorter warranty, or disposable instruments. Our T-Mat absorbent theatre floor mat absorbs 8.5l of water or 3.5l of saline, meaning that it can absorb the equivalent of 15 inco pads. This means that theatre staff need to use and dispose of far fewer mats during a surgical procedure, thus reducing the carbon footprint. As the T-Mats are non-drip and turn all fluid to gel, they also allow for easy clean-up, giving faster turnaround times and a reduced risk of cross-infection.

Innovation in Your Business:

Since setting up Cairn Technology in 1999, we have continuously looked to develop our own innovative products and services. These include the T-Mat, which is the most absorbent floor mat for theatres on the market, and our own chemical spill stations, which we developed in conjunction with a major NHS Trust. We have recently added air-fed hoods to our product range to address the issue of regular spill station respirators not fitting healthcare staff with facial hair. We have also started to promote the Blueair HealthProtect range of air purifiers to try to address poor air quality in hospitals located in heavily congested cities in the UK.

Future Direction:

Our plans are to continue to research and identify innovative and cutting-edge solutions for our hospital clients across the UK. Significant investment in the COSHH monitoring side of the business will also enable us to upscale our offering in the near future to offer our workplace monitoring and personal sampling services to a greater number of customers.