Envirogen Group

Envirogen operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Derbyshire, UK, and is a leading international provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions. We solve complex challenges relating to water availability and quality, and help our customers to increase productivity, reduce costs and meet environmental and sustainability targets.

We do this through offering:

• Best in class water and wastewater treatment and process filtration technology
• Expertise in design, project management and engineering
• World class manufacturing and regionally based UK engineers for nationwide servicing

Your Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

Envirogen are market leaders in the design, supply, and service of EndoTherm reverse osmosis (RO) water purification systems within hospitals including:

• RO Systems for endoscope reprocessing
• RO systems for decontamination of surgical instruments
• General hospital boiler room and facilities solutions
• Comprehensive servicing and maintenance plans for ongoing support (including competitor branded equipment)

Impact of Your Products/​Services on Healthcare:

Sterile Services Departments and Endoscope Reprocessing Teams are central to ensuring that reusable medical devices are rigorously cleaned and sterilised to exacting standards. In a time when multi-drug resistant bacteria are making the headlines, patient numbers are increasing and tougher new cleanliness regulations are being introduced, the work of these teams has never been more important. There is no room for error when reprocessing medical devices. Downtime in these departments has costly consequences, including operation cancellations.

Innovation in Your Business:

Developing reliable and sustainable solutions that prioritise our customers is the cornerstone of our innovation and technology strategy. We maintain a ‘technology-agnostic’ approach, which means that when we create an offer, our primary goal is to deliver the most efficient solution with the lowest overall costs, covering both initial capital and ongoing operational expenses throughout the project’s lifecycle. Often, the evaluation of solutions overlooks whole-life costs, which can constitute a significant portion of the overall project expenditure. A fundamental aspect of our commitment is that we assume full responsibility for our solutions by offering PureCare service and maintenance contracts tailored specifically for healthcare settings with priority response times.

PureCare RemoteView is our cutting-edge digital remote monitoring and management system, designed with the utmost attention to security, resilience, and adherence to international cybersecurity standards, as well as industry 4.0 guidelines to ensure your operations remain fully resilient. It empowers you with real-time equipment performance data, allowing for immediate diagnosis and fault-finding without waiting for on-site engineers.

All EndoTherm models are prefabricated inside a small skid mounted cabinet, making them fast and easy to install, commission and validate. The compact ‘modular’ design means that the RO plant output can be added to as the department expands so the systems are fully future proofed and resilient.

Future Direction:

EndoTherm represents the culmination of Envirogen’s extensive expertise, drawing from over 15 years of research and development experience (R&D) within the UK healthcare sector. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to advancing healthcare through our pioneering technology. The EndoTherm range, renowned as a market leader, employs state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology to produce purified water. This purified water is instrumental in the decontamination of reusable medical devices, particularly in endoscopy departments and sterile services departments within both NHS and private hospitals.

Envirogen recently promoted Sam Blakemore to the newly created position of Healthcare Sales Manager, North, responsible for expanding the company’s healthcare business in the region. Sam brings a wealth of experience to this role, having previously served as an Envirogen Project Manager, where he successfully managed projects across various sectors, including water treatment projects within healthcare.