IHSS excels in Sterile Services for reusable surgical instruments, adapting to the dynamic healthcare landscape with tailored solutions. Our mission centres on investing in cutting-edge decontamination technology, enhancing healthcare system sustainability. We take a practical approach, blending innovation with actionable initiatives, delivering a seamless service for clinical professionals and patients. We’re committed to instilling confidence, assuring customers of consistently exceeding industry standards, ensuring safe and effective surgical instruments. Reach IHSS at info@ihss.co.uk or 0808 178 9365, and visit www.ihss.co.uk for details. IHSS turns decontamination into a commitment to excellence in healthcare.

Your Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

IHSS preserve and improve health and well-being by leading in the provision of Sterile Services for safe, reuseable surgical instruments and medical devices.

Patients Protected, Reputation Assured – We will make sure that every person in every community holds absolute confidence that their healthcare provider has access to the safest and most effective surgical and medical devices, without any risk or disruption, every single time.

Impact of Your Products/​Services on Healthcare:

Working to support a sustainable and effective Health Service, IHSS continue to invest in innovative decontamination and sterilisation technology, ensuring delivery of a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution.

At IHSS, we also work closely with SSD’s to provide efficient onsite support, organising all aspects of surgical instrument decontamination, from managing inventory to delivering instruments to Theatre.

Innovation in Your Business:

IHSS have a variety of innovative projects for their new Adanac Park facility. Whilst we will be able to process large volumes of equipment, we also understand that sustainability plays an important role in the dynamic and ethos of any business. From logistics through to customer service, we take pride in helping to preserve natural resources and improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

Future Direction:

IHSS are strongly passionate about how our services can improve the environmental, economic and social well-being of the communities in which we work & support.

• Increase the efficiency of our resources, reduce dependence on non-renewable resources, prevent pollution, optimise energy efficiency and reduced their carbon footprint.
• Adoption of the waste hierarchy to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.
• Reduce adverse environmental impact by adopting appropriate best practice e.g. low energy design, water conservation, avoiding use of ozone depleting substances, reducing landfill waste, use of renewable materials and energy.
• Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and take any further measures considered.

• Take responsibility for our actions and playing our part in society.
• Systematically improve the capability and capacity of IHSS to provide a sustainable and efficient service to customers.
• Developing and investing in skills, development, specialist training and apprentices to build a more skilled and productive workforce and reducing risks of supply constraints and increasing labour cost inflation in areas we work. Encouraging our supply chain to do the same.
• Improve the dialogue and communication with all relevant
stakeholder groups to ensure economic efficiency
and sustainability.

• Further develop the skills of our people and enhance
opportunities for them.
• Meet or exceed the national standard of social responsibility, including reductions of social exclusion. Aim to improve the educational attainment and employment prospects in the areas of our operations.
• Promote sustainable development throughout our supply chain and within our facilities.