MedFirst Supplies

Medfirst Supplies Ltd brings premium sterilisation products to the marketplace to ensure hospitals and medical facilities have everything they need to provide an exceptional level of patient care. We aim to supply high quality products to assist healthcare teams across the UK and Ireland in line with the needs of expert medical professionals. We work alongside healthcare providers to ensure that each product matches the needs of the hospital. Our team of experts have years of experience partnering with top manufacturers across Europe and the United States.

Your Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions in order to improve the quality and performance within CSSD departments.

Impact of Your Products/​Services on Healthcare:

Our solutions improve both patient and operator safety with a big emphasis on the environment and sustainability.

Innovation in Your Business:

We are the exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland of the Bicarmed pre-cleaning system using sodium bicarbonate for the pretreatment of all RMD’s.

Future Direction:

We will soon present the BicarMed solution for cleaning endoscopes with sodium bicarbonate and without manual cleaning.