Meiko UK

Meiko is a German manufacturer with foundation status, meaning our profits go into R&D. Our sole objective is to make the world a cleaner and more hygienic place by using innovative technology for warewashing, cleaning and disinfection.

With this in mind, Meiko engineers aim to design out healthcare-associated infections and to break the cycle of HAI in hospitals and care homes. Our TOPIC bedpan washer series derives from an ambition to provide the most effective protection for patients and staff in the most ergonomic way possible.

Efficiency, reliability, sustainability and customer satisfaction are the key drivers for us.

Your Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

Intelligent planning assures hygiene. Meiko UK does not sell boxes of products for the user to install. We provide a service that begins with assessment, planning and specification and then through sales support/whole life costings, etc., to project management, planned preventative maintenance, installation, commissioning and training.

Hygiene is at the core of Meiko’s philosophy. Everything we do is designed to ensure the customer receives proven and failsafe improvement in hygiene protection for residents, patients and staff. That means providing products and sufficient support to ensure top-level hygiene and sound ergonomics to protect staff.

Meiko Technical Support is designed to be the best. Meiko UK is 30 years old this year, and we have always had a reputation for outstanding technical support, with first-time fix rates consistently around 94% and attendance to the site for breakdowns etc, within eight working hours.

Impact of Your Products/​Services on Healthcare:

Meiko’s latest generation of bed pan washing machines has overcome the historical shortcomings of washer disinfectors. Meiko technology ensures the correct cycle, time, and temperature to break the HAI cycle and minimise the risk of contamination.

The impact of our products and service is trust – Meiko is a trusted partner and a Europe-wide quality benchmark for bed pan washing and sluice room solutions for hospitals and nursing homes.

Wash quality, machine reliability, and ergonomic design are building blocks. The key to our success lies in solid customer relationships, with fast responses to queries, being there when we are needed and providing backup and support services at all other times.

Innovation in Your Business:

Our TOPIC bedpan washer is the smart yet compact solution for dirty utility rooms, available as floor-standing or table top units, the range is quick to install and ready to go – the machine of choice for care homes and nursing facilities. TOPIC machines benefit patients by allowing staff members to focus on care instead of cleaning chores.

Future Direction:

Sustainability and caring for the planet are driving our future direction. One goal is to cut consumption of single-use products and meet the growing demand for reusables.