The Pharmalter system is an onsite solution to hospital-generated wastes and wastewater. The system automates the transport and treatment of wastes that arise on wards (or other nominated areas of the hospital) by introducing intelligent shredders to process solid waste (i.e., risk waste, sharps, lab/pharmacy waste, household refuse, food waste, disposable bed pans, urinals, and PPE), and uses the existing sewer network, or a dedicated pipeline, to transport this waste to an onsite treatment plant. Here, the solid wastes are separated and decontaminated, and hospital-generated effluents and wastewater are purified of any micro-pollutants below a detectable limit.

Your Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

Issues such as cross-contamination of clinical waste, the failure on occasion to properly segregate waste, and the increasing problem of multiple antibiotic resistance are competently addressed by Pharmafilter. Its system reduces the incidence of human contact from these processes and opportunities for human error, unintended contact, or cross-contamination (both inside and outside the hospital). Using the Pharmalter system promotes better hygiene, diminishes the risk of hospital-acquired infection, and makes the hospital a safer, more pleasant place to be treated, work, or visit. It simplifies the management and related administration required by current methods relating to hand hygiene by reducing hand contact moments and human error in source segregation of waste. In implementing the Pharmalter system, the hospital collapses its environmental footprint, removes the transport of hazardous waste through the Hospital and local community (and beyond), and eliminates the discharge of environmentally harmful substances and pathogens into the broader environment.

Impact of Your Products/​Services on Healthcare:

The development of Pharmafilter’s sophisticated technology to treat hospital waste and wastewater provides a welcome and essential solution to preventing the spread of AMR from that source. The leading exponent of effective hospital waste and wastewater treatment is the Pharmafilter System, which delivers an integrated approach to healthcare-generated waste and waste waters, achieving verifiably better outcomes for the hospital, its patients, staff, and the environment. The Pharmafilter System removes harmful pathogens, micro-pollutants, and multi-resistant bacteria that have a critical role in developing strategies to tackle anti-microbial resistance. Pharmafilter is also offered ” As A Service” to hospitals in the UK and across Europe, thereby preserving scarce capital for other projects while generating savings and benefits for the healthcare stakeholders.

Innovation in Your Business:

Pharmafilter innovates through collaboration and consultation with hospital staff and stakeholders. We focus with our stakeholders on the ever-changing, demanding challenges and framework directives on healthcare and the environment. Pharmafilter also offers a range of single-use biodegradable bioplastic products. Items such as
Pharmafilter’s Olla (Bedpan) and Botta (urinal) have been developed with healthcare professionals to meet the care needs of patients. Pharmafilter has identified over a hundred healthcare products made from these materials that can vertically integrate with hospitals’ hygiene and infection control procedures and the Pharmafilter treatment system itself.

Future Direction:

With our partners, we intend to introduce new and improved technologies in the related nuclear medicine environmental protection field.