A multi-national engineering group whose world-leading industrial and commercial steam systems, advanced electric thermal solutions, pumps and fluid path equipment can be found in industrial and commercial settings worldwide. With over 110,000 direct buying customers globally, across a wide range of industries, Spirax-Sarco provide the thermal energy and pumping solutions that it’s customers need to manufacture many of the goods that you use every day; anything from food and beverages to medicines, paper, textiles, or car tyres. As you would expect from a world-leading engineering group, Spirax-Sarco are committed to engineering sustainable growth for it’s stakeholders, by delivering value-adding engineered solutions to customers, through a direct sales presence in more than 67 countries.

Your Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

Spirax-Sarco understand that energy efficiency and plant reliability is of crucial importance to any hospital engineering function, as strict targets have to be met and downtime must be minimised. Our range of products and solutions are designed to maximise the efficiency of your steam system, from the boiler house, throughout the distribution system and to the condensate recovery system.

Impact of Your Products/​Services on Healthcare:

Some of the primary areas where we can provide solutions include: Heat recovery, monitoring and targeting, LTHW production and boilerhouse automation

Our technical experts can also offer specialist advice and products to improve the performance and reliability of specific steam-using applications such as: Sterilisation, humidification, air handling and clean steam generation

Our products and services support the daily operation of your hospitals and your objective of achieving positive patient outcomes.

Innovation in Your Business:

Sterile Processing Departments (SPD) and Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) are responsible for the delivery of dry, stable high-quality steam, free of any contaminants to autoclaves dedicated for sterilisation of surgical instruments and garments.

The potential for “wet packs” following sterilisation processes is a known issue. Wet packs can occur as a result of poor temperature and pressure control, non-condensable gases (NCG’s), overloading sterilisers or poor steam dryness, which causes regular maintenance routines and reprocessing if the problems are not addressed and rectified.

The new CSG design has been developed around a series of identified needs captured from 95 interviews across 15 countries with industry experts. The packaged solution will deliver repeatable high quality dry steam (exceeding the minimum value of 97% during any part of the sterilisation process), have customizable options to fit operational needs while ensuring the new inbuilt intelligence allows easy access and visibility of system operation.

Following a very detailed and unique dynamic and static testing plan, the system has been internally validated to guarantee high performance and remove steam as one potential issue causing “wet packs”. The inclusion of diagnostic software (optional) will be able to integrate with customers BAS systems and provide real time performance data enabling early indications of potential problems.

Future Direction:

Delivering sustainability solutions: Spirax Sarco are delighted to be in the later phases of development with two key enabling technologies – the electrification of steam boilers and also our Thermal Store. Boiler Electrification, Our DirectConnect™ innovation, has been developed in order to achieve complete electrification of steam boilers. Until recently, electrical steam generation was almost exclusively focused on lower outputs of steam. Now it is possible to achieve outputs far in excess of this, in fact at or above the output typically seen from a traditional gas-fired steam boiler. Whether it be as a direct boiler replacement, or capacity for resilience purposes, or as a top-up thermal supply to supplement other technologies, the instantaneous generation of as much as 20,000 kg/hr of steam using sustainable sources of energy to implement electrification of steam boilers is now becoming a reality. In addition to this, sites should consider employing Thermal Storage as an efficient means of smoothing the demands placed on infrastructure Thermal Storage.

Whether future plans include outsourced or onsite renewables, or perhaps there is likely future strain on electrical infrastructure, it is highly likely that any ‘mixed method system’ will need to be balanced and optimised to ensure the availability of energy and its’ consumption are best aligned. The Spirax Sarco Thermal Store offers a solution to these challenges. With a much longer expected lifecycle and a far higher energy density than many other storage solutions, along with almost no performance degradation over time, the Thermal Store is becoming a key enabling technology allowing estates to harness electrical energy (however provided), converting this directly to stored thermal energy. When it comes to balancing out the demands on electrical infrastructure, de-coupling the availability of renewable energy from the demand for it to be used, or the need for resilience or top-up capacity we can start to appreciate how the Spirax Sarco Thermal Store will help deal with the challenges faced by many sites.