Wassenburg Medical

Wassenburg Medical was established in 1984 by

Gerrit Wassenburg, Wassenburg’s founder has developed into a highly regarded specialist in all aspects of automated endoscope reprocessing. In 2002, Gerrit passed the torch to his sons Arno and Ronald, who successfully lead the business today.  Wassenburg Medical B.V. specialises in:

  • Development and manufacture of innovative washer-disinfectors; drying and conditioning cabinets; and tracking, tracing and workflow management software for the cleaning and disinfection of flexible endoscopes.
  • Development and delivery of detergents, disinfectants, and consumables for endoscope reprocessing.
  • Services to provide successful endoscope reprocessing for the entire lifetime of your equipment.

Your Company’s Approach to Healthcare:

Wassenburg Medical for almost 40 years has been at the forefront of endoscope decontamination.  Our philosophy is to provide a “safe endoscope for every patient”.  Back in 1984 it was our belief to first understand the construction of endoscopes, this belief has continued and allowed us and through R&D to supply world leading solutions for the reprocessing of endoscopes.  Our innovative solutions allow healthcare providers to optimise workflows and maximise operational workflows.

Impact of Your Products/​Services on Healthcare:

Wassenburg has been established in the UK since the early 2000’s and since this time has played its role in the field of endoscope decontamination. The use of an endoscope for diagnosis has increased exponentially over the last twenty years, and throughout this time endoscopes have also continually developed. Wassenburg throughout this timeline has maintained its passion to develop it range of endoscope washer disinfectors to meet an ever-changing landscape in the field of diagnosis. Our disinfection systems allow healthcare providers to keep up with the demand throughout with the increased demand in quick and early diagnosis using endoscopes.

Innovation in Your Business:

Innovation is what fuels our business and back in 1984, Gerrit Wassenburg developed the world’s first endoscope washer disinfector. Sustainability will continually be part of our R&D, and a key constant design consideration for disinfectors is both the use of water and the quantity of water used through the washing and disinfection stages.  Our disinfection systems are constantly reviewed to ensure that water demand is minimal.

We innovated the way in which endoscopes are reprocessed and uniquely our endoscope washer disinfectors contain a unique basin and helical tube system.  The helical tube system is designed to allow the distal end to be completely reprocessed and allowing fluid to contact it everywhere.  Each endoscope channel is reprocessed and controlled individually on connection, flow, pressure, and blockage.

From its early conception the Wassenburg AER’s provided a new approach in endoscope reprocessing.  The patented concept allowed endoscopes to be reprocessed independently in two asynchronous chambers.

Future Direction:

Wassenburg is approaching its 40-year anniversary and the future direction is to maintain its position in the field of endoscope decontamination and to build upon this.  Our next generation of endoscope washer disinfectors are now in full design and will uphold the same principles as our founding range of endoscope washer disinfectors.


In recent times we have carried out several (Study Days) and this has been to promote the importance of endoscope decontamination.  This will be maintained in the coming years.